Also Known as: Benedict Cua.

Family Name: Cua. .


BENEDICT 'KUYA' A kuya for keeps, Ben’s online older.

. Makatutulong ka sa Wikipedia sa nito. .

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You see my flaws as something beautiful. Benedict Cua is an actor, model, brand endorser and a YouTube content creator. I thought love disappeared but it was waiting for you all along.

The books state that Benedict was born in 1786, which would make him 27 during Bridgerton 's first season and 28 in Bridgerton season 2. .


His golden retriever Lexi has appeared on his jerry_cua Instagram account.

. One of his most popular YouTube videos is about how he became a doctor.

MANILA, Philippines — YouTube star turned singer Benedict Cua admitted that he is a fan of P-Pop genre in the country today. .

He was born in June 11, 1992 and have been doing content creation since 2018.
Native name: Benny Cua.
Native name: Benny Cua.

I thought love disappeared but it was waiting for you all along.

Nationality: Filipino.

His debut album, “Luxury” was. 846K views, 10K likes, 23K loves, 910 comments, 1. 575K views, 6.

He and Doctor Mike are both doctors on YouTube. His debut album, “Luxury” was. . Makatutulong ka sa Wikipedia sa nito. " For this, he was sure of two things: He wanted a piece of nature in his home coupled with a calming, minimalistic vibe.

pano baaaa 🤣🤣🤣.

. Native name: Benny Cua.

While we all wish to have that dream career that lasts for most of our lives, the reality is.

class=" fc-falcon">He is known for being a YouTuber.


"I decided to stop working for a while," he said.

Watch Ben cringe at his old pictures HERE: Showbiz News.